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  1. CrayolaCrayola

    Crayola is one of the oldest exercise with textures from the period when each tool was tested to see how it behaves in digital format.

  2. Fat Flamingo5Fat Flamingo5

    Fat Flamingo5 is a heavy alternative to serif headlines with a touch of pink, inspired by vintage house numbers, ornament dingbats and Didot fonts.

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  3. Golden AgeGolden Age

    Golden Age is a restoration of an old font from the 30’s, with the missing glyphs added using details from the few existing ones.

    3 Fonts From $12
  4. Gotcha GothicGotcha Gothic

    Gotcha Gothic is a personal approach to classics, created to have an extended option for headings, with lowercases, accents and iconography, not necessarily for web.

    7 Fonts From $12
  5. HermanoAltoHermanoAlto

    HermanoAlto is the “spanish tall brother”, a tribute to both Spain and America in one, with most of the European accents and Cyrillics included.

    7 Fonts From $12
  6. HermanoMayorHermanoMayor

    HermanoMayor is the grandfather of HermanoAlto, resulted from various exercises with block elements, looking for a very compact design that offers a good visibility in headlines.

  7. LipsumLipsum

    Lipsum is an extended version of the loremipsum font, created in the same period of time, as an option for lighter, longer texts.

  8. loremipsumloremipsum

    The loremipsum font is the result of many desperate attempts to reduce the time spent in accounting, this font especially was designed only as a handwriting substitute for various digital documents.

  9. Loveletter No9Loveletter No9

    Loveletter No9 was made for the love of letters, of course, using generous gestures in a complex and “romantic” design.

  10. MarkerMarker

    Marker is a handwriting font drawn with a worn-out marker, made in the series of the early experiments that involved any tool that’s been lying around.

  11. OgonekOgonek

    Ogonek was created with the express role of having a neutral, easily readable, but hardly identifiable font, worthy of any lorem ipsum text.

    7 Fonts From $12
  12. pxlxxlpxlxxl

    pxlxxl was made in 2010 for a personal website that involved pixel related designs, so the font was built using only vertical and horizontal lines.

    7 Fonts From $12
  13. RubberRubber

    Rubber is a collection of various identity proposals using custom letters, redesigned to form a single style across all its characters.

    3 Fonts From $12
  14. RulerRuler

    A mix between a condensed Gothic and a typewriter, inspired by the technical fonts you find on charts, Ruler is meant to add a scientific look to the design, without being too elaborated.

    12 Fonts From $12
  15. Ruler CutoutRuler Cutout

    Not much to say about the development of this version, basically this is only a small tweak of the main Ruler font to mimic the real use of a stencil.

    6 Fonts From $12
  16. Ruler ModernRuler Modern

    Ruler Modern is the Ruler Rounded font “alienated” a little further, to the extreme point when the font is still readable but has a small resemblance with the basic version.

  17. Ruler RoundedRuler Rounded

    Ruler Rounded is the grandfather of the Ruler series, initially created as an experiment with very strict and logically well structured characters, to see how a side-effect would act on the otherwise rigid styles.

    8 Fonts From $12
  18. Ruler StencilRuler Stencil

    Ruler Stencil is a simple alternative of the basic Ruler font to provide an extra technicality to the style, with a more realistic approach.

    10 Fonts From $12
  19. Ruler VolumeRuler Volume

    Ruler Volume is an extended play with layered styles, where the limit of combinations is basically the designer’s imagination.

    16 Fonts From $12
  20. Virgula VulgarisVirgula Vulgaris

    Virgula Vulgaris (Common Comma in Latin) is meant to sum up the most usual forms of a serif font, avoiding styles and side-effects that would only come between the reader and the text.

  21. WindowsWindows

    The font was made using Windows95 titlebars as inspiration, redrawing each character pixel by pixel, at times when bitmap fonts were on every desktop, and not by choice.

    5 Fonts From $12

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