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Sugar & Vinegar is an old-fashioned font, with a “handmade” warm touch, avoiding sharp corners, grids or very strict guidelines, created with a fluid, personal and expressive line. The intention was to create a fun font to use and to look at, with a hint to classics and styles that illustrates La Belle Époque.



  • Çæsãr
  • Œ Ƀ Ƚ
  • &  
  • D · M
  • ,⪉⪖
  • 13:08:27
  • waffles
  • past﬍mi
  • 6⪧/⪝
  • SR
  • Mn
  • $ ﹩ € ﹬
  • H₂O
  • ∝ ★ ☓
  • aA

Basic Latin

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The inspiration for this font was initially a single question mark, but it has evolved a lot since. The first release is made after eight month of development.

The font includes a large variation of alternates, some of which can be enabled as an open type feature if it's not generated by default. Switching regular numbers into roman numerals is just one of the special features, besides the automated decimal highlights, the ordinal indicators or the fractions (the decimal number underlines are meant basically for price displays, similar to old seven elevens graphic style).
Like every font, this is also an open type - for further adjustments and evolution*.

*So far the font has the Extended-A and Extended-B characters, with most of the IPA Extensions in case someone needs these. If not, the special characters are always available to be included as alternatives for regular letters. A little sugar in the design, if you will. Or vinegar.

Sugar & Vinegar


In two words is a font folder.

Translated into numbers this means 1 source for:








Developed in-house since 2001, the fonts are available for personal and commercial use, with an accesible license covering any type of project from paper to pixel. Trial versions are provided for offline tests to make sure a font meets all the requirements.