Fonts are free for personal use¹, for a license² abuse the PayPal link³.

  1. Personal use excludes works made for profit.
  2. A license covers any type of commercial work.
  3. One click, one time, account free process.

Free Use

Fonts downloaded from or affiliates are copyrighted and meant for evaluation purposes and personal use only, to be used "as is". Standard restrictions are implied.

License is not provided for free use.
Credit is welcomed, but not required.


  1. Nonprofit Projects and Organizations;
  2. Free Cultural, Educational and Social Events;
  3. Causes for Human and Animal Rights, Charity;
  4. Non-commercial Prints, Images or Videos.


  1. Embedding fonts in free projects is not allowed. The use is limited to images or outlined vectors;
  2. Sharing fonts without the terms is forbidden;
  3. A constant use of a font is considered identity and treated as such.


The commercial license includes the Desktop, Web and App licenses all together and this standard format is available for any type of commercial project.

License Type

  1. Royalty-Free - one time payment, valid for lifetime;
  2. Non-Exclusive - others may have similar license;
  3. Non-Transferable - not for sub-license or distribution;
  4. All-Purpose - for any material, online or offline;
  5. International - unlimited worldwide coverage;
  6. Single / Group - granted to individuals or companies.


  1. The commercial license is $20 (USD) / font;
  2. A 40% discount is used for min. 2 fonts purchased from the same family;
  3. The price is set regardless the number of:
    1. Applications or Target Audience;
    2. Devices or Employees using the font;
    3. Glyphs Included or Characters Used.

Process has no access to sensitive payment information and doesn't trace data related to the process (cookies, analytics, other tools).


  1. The payment is handled and secured by PayPal;
  2. No further action is required from the buyer. The commercial license is granted upon payment.


  1. Both parties receive a payment notification that stands for the license document;
  2. A personal invoice / receipt is issued automatically;
  3. Extra documents are available upon request.


  1. Copyright free fonts are not stored online;
  2. Delivery is personal, done exclusively via email.
    The buyer’s email address is used as recipient;
  3. The attachment includes the invoice and the latest fonts, provided in the following formats:
    1. OTF - Open Type;
    2. TTF - True Type;
    3. TTF, EOT, SVG, WOFF, WOFF2 - Webfonts.

Note that delivery is not instant, a delay may occur due to ()


  1. For questions please see the Q&A page first;
  2. For technical issues write to;
  3. For last minute situations call +40 745631938.


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