Fonts free for personal¹
projects, for a license²
abuse the PayPal link³.

  1. Personal use excludes works made for profit.
  2. A license covers any type of commercial work.
  3. One click, one time, account free process.


Fonts downloaded from or affiliates are copyrighted and meant for evaluation and personal purposes only, to be used "as is". Standard restrictions are implied.

Trial Fonts

  1. By downloading, installing or using a font you agree with the terms of this agreement;
  2. Trial fonts on include the latest updates and are provided without a license, in TTF format only. OTF and Webfont formats are reserved to licensed users, which doesn’t means a limitation of testing OpenType Features (where available);
  3. For copyright reasons trial fonts have embedding restrictions and may not act as expected. Compatibility issues with softwares doesn’t necessarily reflects the way copyright free fonts work.


  1. The fonts are free for nonprofit projects and organizations. Causes for human or animal rights, charity projects can use the fonts at their convenience;
  2. The fonts can be used free of charge in any cultural, educational or social event that is not promotional and provides a free access;
  3. Personal portfolio works can include the fonts for free as long as the purpose of self-promotion is not to gain commercial benefits.


  1. Embedding fonts in free projects is not allowed.
    The free use is limited to images or outlined vectors;
  2. Converting or modifying trial fonts, including the terms in the download package is forbidden. A font share must respect the original structure of the download.
  3. A constant use of a trial font is considered identity and treated as such.


The commercial license includes the Desktop, Web and App licenses all together and this is considered the standard format for every project.

License Type

  1. Royalty-Free - one time payment, valid for lifetime;
  2. Non-Exclusive - others may have similar license;
  3. Non-Transferable - not for sub-license or distribution;
  4. All-Purpose - for any support, online or offline;
  5. International - unlimited worldwide coverage;
  6. Single / Group - granted to individuals or companies.

Licensed users are therefore authorized to use, copy, reproduce and broadcast the font without time, location or quantity limitation.


  1. The commercial license is $20 (USD) / font;
  2. A 40% discount is used for minimum 2 fonts selected from the same family;
  3. The price is unique, regardless the number of:
    1. Applications or Target Audience;
    2. Devices or Employees using the font;
    3. Glyphs Included or Characters Used.

Grant of License

  1. The commercial license is granted upon full payment.

PROCESS has no access to sensitive payment information and doesn’t track, collect or disclose data related to the process (cookies, analytics, other tools). To clear any concerns regarding your safety read the Privacy Policy.


  1. The payment is handled and secured exclusively by PayPal. Once the font selection is completed on, the user is able to proceed with the checkout and will be redirected to the PayPal website;
  2. Account is not needed to complete the process and payment details are provided only on the PayPal website. Credit cards accepted by PayPal are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover;
  3. After the transaction no further action is required from the buyer.


  1. Both parties receive a payment notification from PayPal that stands for the license document;
  2. A personal invoice / receipt is issued with the contact info provided by the PayPal notification. Additional infos needed for various situations are included on request;
  3. Extra documents are available on request.
    Hard copies, verbose agreements and contracts are not preferred.


  1. Copyright free fonts are not stored online.
    Delivery is personal, done exclusively via email.
    The buyer’s email address is used as recipient;
  2. The attachment includes the invoice in a PDF format and the latest fonts archived in a ZIP file, provided in the following formats:
    1. OTF - Open Type;
    2. TTF - True Type;
    3. EOT, SVG, WOFF, WOFF2 - Webfonts.
  3. Older versions are available on request.

Please note that the delivery is not instant, a delay may occur due to time zone differences ().


  1. Use the Q&A form below to post any public question, thus helping others who may have the same question. Frequently asked questions created this page, so every issue, no matter how small is treated with the utmost importance.
  2. For technical support regarding the fonts use the Contact Form or write to Make sure that prior to use a font, this is tested online on or offline, using the free trial, to see if everything works as expected;
  3. For urgent matters please text or call +40 745 631 938.

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  1. annie|
    1. The font is free for non profits and can be used "as is", without a license, in a copyrighted format. The trial font is available for download in the "Try" section of the font page or on the Index page, next to each font. ⟶   Answered in
  2. shuo|
    1. To purchase a license for a company all you have to do is let me know the company info if this is different from the data used on PayPal. The invoice will be created with the info you prefer.⟶   Answered in
  3. Miss Nisha|
    1. The license is very flexible and depends on personal preferences, who needs it more. In each case it’s a matter of one license only: 1. If the font license is purchased by an agency, that license can be used for any client. In this case a client is limited to the works provided by the agency. 2. If the license is purchased by a client (end user), that license can be used by any agency for works made exclusively for that client. Exceptionally, both parties may have the license just to keep things under control. An agency doesn’t necessarily mean a company, here is used as a reference to “creator or producer of commercial works”, this can be represented just the same by a single individual.⟶   Answered in
  4. Jason Metzger|
    1. The license is valid for any number of users inside the company (or devices for that matter). A company is treated as an individual user. ⟶   Answered in
  5. Ryan E|
    1. Absolutely. Font versions from the same family purchased together have a discount of 40% by default, but if you're interested in fonts from different families, it can be done. Please send an email with the fonts you need and I'll get back to you.⟶   Answered in
  6. Kurt|
    1. The license is basically unlimited, the use of the font is not restricted to any number of employees, devices, projects, offices or branch offices of the company, which means that under the company name the font can be used in any media, anytime, anywhere.  Regarding the intranet, this doesn't raise other conditions since this is accessed only by employees.⟶   Answered in
  7. Thomas|
    1. A license document is made and sent on request, but this is just a formality since with the payment the buyer is already included in the licensed users list.⟶   Answered in
  8. Rafkot|
    1. The license represents the right to use a font for commercial purposes, with the purchase you don't actually buy a font or a password. The copyright free fonts are sent only to make sure you don't have any restrictions to use them. These should be installed after you remove the trial fonts from the font database(s). ⟶   Answered in
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